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Casket Delivery to Boston, Massachusetts by 24hourCaskets.com

Superior Quality Caskets, Competitively Priced.. direct to the funeral home of your choice – anywhere in Boston, Massachusetts!. “You Pay with the Funeral Home Pays”

For expedited delivery information and rates, click here or call 866-474-5051 to speak with a representative.

FREE* Casket Delivery to Boston, Massachusetts!

“Continous track record of taking care of families in their time of need since 2009”

Continous track record
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Delivery Charges

Up to 25 MIles from most major airports
Over 25 Miles from major airports
Please Call us at 866-474-5051

Helpful links for 24hourCaskets.com customers for living near Boston, Massachusetts

The Executive Office of Elder Affairs
City of Boston Elderly Affairs

Casket delivery anywhere in Boston, Massachusetts!
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We Deliver Anywhere Within 24 Hours!

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Shipping Terms

  • Orders must be placed by 10 a.m (EST) to qualify for next day delivery
  • Next day delivery is defined as to be delivered the next business day, excluding national holidays.
  • To Qualify for 24 Hour Guarantees your Funeral Home must be located within reasonable distance of an airport that supports the transportation of a funeral casket. Please Contact Us for additional information.
  • Orders recieved on Saturday or Sunday will be delievred on Tuesday
  • Acts of God, weather related conditions and states of emergencies, accidents may delay delivery beyond the stated delivery parameters and 24Hour Caskets will not be responsible for such delays.

Why 24Hour Caskets

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Next Day Delivery

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All funeral homes must accept the delivery of our caskets based on the consumer protection regulations of the Federal Trade Commission.

24hourcaskets sells caskets directly to consumers while buying direct from the manufacturer. This combination allows us to offer you identical products that you will see at a funeral home but at a much lower price. Many of our products are not even available at your local funeral home.