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Why 24hourcaskets.com:

24hourcaskets.com is a discount provider of quality funeral merchandise and services. We offer a fine selection of beautifully crafted caskets for every need. Our low overhead and high volume buying power enables us to offer superior products at a fraction of the cost you will find at most funeral homes.

When you buy from the funeral home, you are paying the manufacturer, the local distributor and your local funeral home. Too many middle men!

Now do you know why our prices are so much lower? We are not unbelievably cheap, they are just unfairly expensive.


Being on this site, suggests you are one of the many consumers comparing prices and services in order to make a well-informed buying decision. Don’t be fooled by low-end, low quality caskets. Our caskets are top quality with all of the features of other high quality caskets. We sell the highest quality caskets for the lowest price.

Know Your Rights:

Many funeral providers offer various “packages” by bundling common goods and services. When you arrange a funeral, you have the right to buy individual goods and services. You are not required to accept the “package deal” that may include items you do not want

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e-mail: support@24hourcaskets.com
Toll Free: 866-474-5051
Fax: 800-927-5110

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